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Welcome to the Medics & Me Programme


Hello and welcome to Medics&Me, we are here to support you every step of the way on your application to medicine and journey to being a Doctor.

The Medics&Me Programme

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Missed one of our events? Catch up here, meet Doctors and Surgeons, learn UCAT tricks, smash interview prep, develop your personal statement and much more. 

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Blog for Mentees

Volunteering is about more than simply meeting the application criteria, here are just some of the reasons why you should consider volunteering:

Volunteering Opportunities

Develop new skills - different opportunities will each bring their own variety of exciting knowledge and life experiences

Meet like-minded  people - you are likely to make lots of new friends, all whilst doing something you enjoy!

Feel part of a community - whether assisting in a local care home or supporting another student within your school, communities come in many forms and contributing can feel very rewarding 

Make a difference - big or small, your actions as a volunteer can be life-changing to those you assist 

Build confidence - volunteering involves stepping outside of your comfort zone and, although this can feel scary at first, the team at Medcs & Me are here to support you every step of the way and there is so much to gain from trying something new

Prepare for future challenges - the road to becoming a doctor can feel a little bumpy at times, certain volunteer opportunities really help to put this into perspective and, as well as demonstrating your understanding of this in interviews, will assist you to deal with difficult situations 

Safeguarding Policy & Procedures

View our resources and policies to support you as a mentee.

This will be a programme from the start of year 12 through to the UCAT, application, interviews and onto offers! We have three key goals:

The Medics&Me Programme

  • You will have the opportunity to take part in problem based learning sessions through year 12 to build key skills. Between October and December of year 13 we will run a full mock medicine interview to prepare you.

  • A mentor will be allocated at the end of year 12, they will act as your personal guide through the application process.

  • Every other week we have online events allowing you to meet Doctors and Surgeons that are excelling in their field, there will be a Q&A after every session. 

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