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Student Feedback 

‘Medics&Me have been amazing in terms of helping with your personal statement, your university applications, and they have also helped me in terms of my general A Level subjects. For example, I got tips to tackle stress and anxiety during exams, as well as tips on revision. Medic&Me is highly recommended for aspiring medics!’ (Ameer)

‘My mentor has been very helpful with my application journey. When I had received quite low AS Level grades, she was very understanding; she supported me and helped me feel better about the situation by reminding me that most medical students do take a year out and that it was not the end of my journey into getting into medical school. When I was able to increase my predicted grades, she was very supportive and happy with the news. Overall, I look forward to her emails, as she gives an incredible insight into the life of a medical student and she gives amazing advice!’ (Ayman)

‘I wanted to say my mentor has been very helpful when it came to preparing and organising my time properly for the UCAT, which resulted in a great score for me. They also worked really well with me when it came to giving me advice on my application and my personal statement. I felt like the one-to-one time was really beneficial for me. I would love it if you could pass on this feedback!’



‘My mentor has done such an excellent job and should be so proud of themselves for the service they have provided. They helped me learn that there will be setbacks in my whole application to Medicine, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t apply, and that there are other routes for entrance. They read over my personal statement to make sure it was 10/10, despite me sending it to them quite late; they still made sure that it was perfect in under 24 hours. I am very grateful for all that they do and would recommend the service to any aspiring medics in the future :)’ (Hajra)

‘My mentor was extremely helpful in the way he gave me guidance about applying to universities and choosing the right ones. I also got help for my admissions tests for medicine. I appreciate all the support I’ve got.’ (Aiman)

‘I really liked the support received from my mentor. He helped me a lot with my personal statement and figuring out which unis I wanted to go to. He was very friendly in the meetings too.’ (Ramzana) 

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