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Whilst working as a healthcare assistant during the pandemic, a colleague asked if I could support her daughter with her application. Together we talked through her personal statement, tweaking and rephrasing some of the outstanding experience this student had. On receiving 3 interviews we zoomed together, going through the key skills required to be a Doctor, techniques for answering questions, ethical debates, my experiences as a medical student and plenty of mocks! This incredible student received three contextual BBB offers for medicine and subsequently secured the grades and is now a first year medical student and the first in her family to attend university.


Realising the potential for medical students to support students who may not otherwise have access to expensive courses or friends/family who are Doctors our small team reached out to friends who worked for TeachFirst, mentoring students and designing sessions to help them excel in their medical applications. Following the success of this initiative we started our 'Meet the Dr' series, an opportunity for students to hear from clinicians in a diverse range of careers and ask them questions about the reality of the job. 

We are proud to have supported over 150 students and continue to enable, support and inspire students from non-selective state schools to pursue and excel in their ambitions to become a Doctor. Additionally, we are now a registered charity and hope to further our impact with this status over the coming years. 


Megan Pode


Lauren Wilson


Frank Hartley

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