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Who we are


Medics&Me is a free widening access programme for medicine made up of over 200 volunteers. Founded in 2020 we pair to non-selective state schools to enable, support and inspire students to excel in their medicine applications. We provide mentoring from current medical students, mock multiple mini interviews, problem based learning sessions and open access Meet the Doctor/Surgeon events.

How we work

We partner with a school and support every student who is considering an application to medicine. 


From year 12 we provide problem based learning sessions to begin to build skills and insight. 


Students are supported with open access online events to meet doctors and surgeons, plus informative sessions covering all aspects of the application. 


A medical student mentor is paired with the student May/June of year 12.


Mock Multiple Mini Interviews are arranged for students to practice 


Mock MMIs
PBL Sessions

School Partnerships

How the programme works

School Selection and Support

We work with non-selective and non-feepaying schools, this is our only criteria. We have no upper/lower limit of medical applicants per school; numbers range from 2 to over 30 aspiring medical students. We are currently proudly supporting 29 schools across England, Scotland and Wales. If know of a school (maybe even the one you attended!) that would benefit from our support please e-mail

Something that makes us different to many other WP charities/organisations is that we will support ALL students at a non-selective state school, not only those who fit specific criteria. This is so those who may not meet criteria for lower grades, summer schools and other programmes are included with us.

Our School Partners


Deans Community School

Mearns Castle High School

Yorkshire & The Humber

Wyke Sixth Form College

King James's School

Mercia School

East Midlands

Bilborough College

Beauchamp College


Springwood High School

South East

Greenford High School

Shoeburyness High School

North West

Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

Canon Slade School

Xaverian College

Cheadle-Hulme High School

Oldham College

Christleton Academy

Parrs Wood High School

Rochdale Sixth Form College

QEGS Sixth Form Blackburn**

West Midland

George-Salter Academy

Q3 Academy Tipton

Mosely School and Sixth-form

Ormiston Forge Academy

The Phoenix Collegiate

The Westwood Academy



Coleg y Cymoedd

South West

Kingsbury Green Academy

Wellington Academy

You're probably


  • What are our criteria for partnering with a school?
    Our only prerequisites are that the school must be non-selective and non-fee paying. Within the school we pair with, we can support any students who attend. This makes Medics&Me unique as we do not use stringent widening participation data based on the students individual circumstances (e.g. POLAR4 score, time spent in care, etc). This means we can support all students who do not receive the provision and opportunities that their privately educated or grammar-schooled counterparts have; including those who traditionally may miss out on accessing additional support due to not reaching widening participation thresholds.
  • How do we select schools to partner with?
    We recruit schools at regular intervals throughout the academic year. We routinely contact schools in ‘Priority Education Investment Areas’ as outlined in the levelling-up white paper document. Schools in these areas take priority and we contact them directly asking if they would like to be involved. However, we also take on schools that contact us for support that are not from these areas.
  • I am a teacher; how does my school get involved?
    If you are a non-selective and non-feepaying school, please email If we are in a current recruitment cycle and there is capacity, we would love to have you on board. In the meantime, please feel free to direct your students to our website and our social media which contain free resources.
  • I am a student; how do I get involved?
    Unfortunately, we do not pair with students directly, we must go through your school/college. If you would like to be supported, please tell your form tutor/careers lead about us and encourage them to get in touch.
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